Priyeppetta Prof. Dr. M.K.C. Nair, Vice-Chancellor, Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur,

Dr. C.P. Vijayan, Controller of Examinations,
Shri K.P. Rajesh, Finance Officer,
Shri Siddikh V., University Union Chairman,
Prof. Dr. A. Nalinakshan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, KUHS,
Dr. M.K. Manojkumar, Registrar,
Priyappetta Principalmare, Sahodaree Sahodaranmare,

Ellavarkkum Ente Namaskaram.


I am very happy to address this Conclave of the Principalsof the affiliated institutions under the Kerala University of Health Sciences.

Let me begin by appreciating the University's decision   to conduct this conclave with the noble aim of improving the quality of services in Academics and student welfare. The idea of using this Conclave to finalize a strategy to manage post-traumatic stress disorders among the flood affected people, indicates the university’s keen interest in serving society.

Let me also extend my best wishes to all the students who are eligible to receive the scholarship under the Studentship programme. This initiative of the Kerala University of Health Sciences is an encouragement worthy of emulation.

This is my first visit to this university, which was established in 2009 to streamline the medical education in the State by ensuring systematic instruction, training and research in Modern Medicine, Homeopathy and Indian Systems of Medicine. 

I am informed that this affiliating university has under it, over 305 Institutions, which include the oldest and best medical colleges in the State.  It is a matter of pride that some of these institutions have earned a name at the national level, too. 

Now that the university is crossing the ten year mark,
I feel it is time to take off to a new stage of development in terms of research and other academic accomplishments.
I am aware that such activities are now being carried out very well in some of the colleges. It means, the performance and status of this university in medical research and training will depend on the academic achievements of the colleges. Therefore, this Conclave recognizes the fact that the future of this university is being shaped more in the classrooms of the affiliated colleges than in the campus of this university.  This explains the relevance of the Quality Assurance System devised by the University for affiliated Institutions and the teachers.  The message is clear : A Medical college which imparts quality education and ensures student discipline, contributes to the overall stature and image of the university.

Some of the future oriented initiatives of the university, like the institution of Research cells, Students Cells, Academic Monitoring Cell and the Academic Credit System also merit mention on this occasion. I am happy that the university had also considered the institution of annual award for the Best Teacher in seven disciplines covered by it.  I hope such recognition, based on academic achievements, research initiatives, teaching excellence, community activities, national and international recognition, etc. would foster the spirit of innovation and research.

Apart from these matters, a university has a larger role to play in society. The true relevance and merit of a Health university depends on how well it plays this larger social role. The massive psycho social intervention programme devised by this university to mitigate and limit the psychological stress disorders among the people affected by natural calamities, is a good attempt towards fulfilling this social role.

The saga of Kerala’s attainment of the best human development index in the country and the role played by the health sector in this success story is certainly well known.  But, Kerala can never rest on such laurels, because we have already seen that the celebrated Kerala model needed a thorough revisiting. I am glad that the Health sector has taken a lead role in scripting a new model which would benefit our people.  A share of the responsibility of scripting this new model rests in the academic community of the Kerala University of Health Sciences. The question that should resound in this Conclave should be : How prepared are we to perform the role expected from us?

As a person who had visited the landslide affected areas of Malappuram and Wayanad, I am fully convinced about the effect of Climate change on our State.  The impact of such changes is also affecting the health profile of our State. Along with the attempt to limit the psychological stress of people, this university could make a true assessment of the emerging health issues so that the suggestions would help to improve our rehabilitation measures during disasters which may strike us in future.

Needless to say, the Health University must become a final authority on any emerging health issue in the State. This can happen only if we give due emphasis to medical research of very high quality.

The Schools and Centers under the University have a critical role to play in nurturing innovations, research and medical technology. For this, our medical education and research should strive to be in synchronization with that of the developed nations. The University also has to understand and respond to social situations and contribute to the fine-tuning of the implementation of the Health Policy of our State.

I have noted that we are yet to establish a good number of research journals of high quality and impact factor in our universities. I am glad that the Kerala University of Health Sciences has taken some preliminary steps in this direction.

I would also request all Principals to ensure that your colleges move into society with the message of a healthy living, in tune with the stream of medicine that you teach. The relevance of a medical college cannot be limited to the treatment facilities it offers to the sick; instead, it has to extend to the propagation of a healthy living style that prevents diseases.  I would emphasis the promotion of the habit of physical exercise and care for the elderly in the community around you.

To conclude, I would remind everyone that we should train medical students to see a social issue behind every health problem they come across.  Acquiring knowledge is certainly great, but engaging the society with knowledge and solutions is a greater service.

I once again greet all the Principals and university officials who have assembled here and hope that their deliberations will help to bring qualitative changes in our medical education.

Let me conclude, with this simple thought:

Better Medical Education

Better Research

Better Health Services

[Through this, a Healty Janata, that is our Aim.

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु ।
वलरे नन्नि
जय हिन्द