Organization structure

Under Article 163 of the Constitution of India, the Governor as the constitutional head of the executive exercises all the powers under the Constitution on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. However, there are certain functions, which are to be exercised by the Governor in his discretion as sending report to the President (Article 356), reserving Bills for the consideration of the President (Article 200) etc. Besides, the Governor has special responsibilities under Article 371 (2) of Constitution of India.


The Governor’s Secretariat is headed by the Secretary to the Governor who is the Head of the Department for both the offices, i.e. the Governor’s Secretariat and Governor’s Household.  

 The Governor’s Secretariat attends to all secretarial work of the Governor including the duties that the Governor has to perform under the provisions of the Constitution, such as those relating to the Legislature, the High Court, the Public Service Commission and matters submitted by the Departments of Government.

The Secretariat also attends to the work relating to the swearing-in-ceremonies of the Chief Justice of the High Court, the Lokayukta and Upa-Lokayukta, the Ombudsman of the Local Self Government etc.  It also provides assistance to the Governor in the discharge of duties as the Chancellor of all Universities and in other capacities such as Chairman/Patron of Managing Committee of Special Fund for Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen (Amalgamated Fund), the Indian Red Cross Society and other Committees of Government.


The main function of the Household establishment headed by the Comptroller is the efficient running of the Household of Raj Bhavan. The swearing in ceremony of the Council of Ministers is coordinated by the Household.  All Household activities including catering arrangements for the Governor, Lady Governor and official guests of Raj Bhavan, arrangements in Raj Bhavan premises for all State functions, official meetings, receptions and dinners/banquets, all arrangements for visiting dignitaries both Indian and foreign, protocol matters, arrangements for cultural activities, travel arrangements for Governor and Lady Governor and other staff inside and outside the State, maintenance of furniture, installations and buildings of Raj Bhavan, control and maintenance of vehicles, scrutiny of Budget estimates pertaining to Governor’s Household, control of grants placed at the disposal of the Governor under the Governor’s Allowances and Privileges Act and Rules, printing and distribution of engagement cards, allotment of accommodation to staff etc. have been made the direct responsibility of the Comptroller of the Governor’s Household.

This is a common Branch for the Governor’s Secretariat as well as the Governor’s Household. This section is responsible for control over expenditure, framing of budgets, drawal of pay and allowances, handling audit objections etc.

The Tour Section deals with all arrangements regarding the tour of the Governor, Correspondence regarding the functions accepted/rejected by the Governor,  and Fixing up of the daily engagements of the Governor and maintaining of the engagement diary.  The section is also in charge of protocol and matters connected with the tour of the Governor.  It also arranges booking of tickets and collection of luggages when the Governor goes on tour/returns from tour.

The Public Relations Section attends to the work relating to the preparation of draft Speeches and Messages of the Governor and preparation of Monthly Reports to be provided to the Hon’ble President of India.  It arranges photographic, video and media coverage  for important functions held in Raj Bhavan. Press Conferences, as and when desired by the Governor, are also arranged by the Public Relations section.  The official Website of Kerala Raj Bhavan, the Twitter handle of the Governor and the Raj Bhavan Library are also managed by the Public Relations section.

The Raj Bhavan Dispensary functions as a separate unit under the direct control of the Secretary to the Governor and not under the administrative control of the Director of Health Services as in the case of other Government Dispensaries in the State.  The purpose of maintaining a dispensary in the Raj Bhavan is to provide all facilities including free supply of medicines exclusively for the Governor, family and the staff.   The Medical Officer in charge of the Raj Bhavan Dispensary furnishes the requirements of medicines to be purchased through an indent to the Governor’s Household.  Periodical physical verification of the stock is also conducted by the Medical Officer. 

All orders in respect of security arrangements in Raj Bhavan are issued by the Superintendent of Police/Commissioner of Police, after consulting the Secretary to Governor.  In addition to the guards posted for duty, there is a Pilot and Security Officer and nine Ring Round Staff of the Security Branch (CID) for providing ring round escort to the Governor during his journeys by road and train.  The Security Wing is led by the Security Officer.

There is a section of the State Public Works Department working in Raj Bhavan, on deputation.  The section has two wings – the Civil wing and the Electrical wing, under the control of one Assistant Engineer each.  The Public Works Department section looks after the maintenance and repair of the Raj Bhavan and the attached buildings and the electrical installations in them.

The Raj Bhavan Garage has a fleet of six vehicles and a motor cycle.  The Garage Supervisor, who is on deputation from the PWD is in overall control of the garage and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Motor Transport Stock Register, duty arrangements of the chauffeurs and cleaners and the proper conduct of the work in the garage.