श्री. तॊट्टत्तिल रवीन्द्रन, प्रियप्पेट्ट् मेयर,

[Shri Thottathil Raveendran, Priyapetta Mayor],

मलयालत्तिन्टे प्रिय भाव गायकन श्री. पि. जयचन्द्रन,

[Malayaalathinte Priya Bhaava Gaayakan Shri P. Jayachandran],

प्रियप्पेट्ट् गायकन डां. महरूफ राज,

[Priyappetta Gaayakan Dr Mahroof Raj],

प्रियप्पेट्ट् श्री. पि.टि. मुस्तफा, जनरल् सेक्रटऱि,

[Priyappetta Shri P.T. Musthafa, General Secretary],

श्री. टि.पि.एं. हाषीर अलि, प्रसिडन्ड्,

[Shri K.K. Muhammed],

श्री. टि.पि.एं. हाषीर अलि, प्रसिडन्ड्,

[Shri T.P.M. Hashir Ali, President],

श्री. एस. मुण्डॊलि, खजानजि,

[Shri S. Mundoly, Treasurer],

श्री. साकिर हुसैन, पूर्व प्रसिडन्ड्,

[Shri Zakir Hussain, Former President],

प्रियप्पेट्ट् संगीत प्रेमिकले, सहोदरी-सहोदरनमारे, [PriyappettaSangeetha Permikale, Sahodaree Sahodaranmare],

ल्लारकुम्एन्टेनमस्कारम।[Ellavarkkum Ente Namaskaram].

I am very happy to address you after presenting the Mohammed Rafi FoundationLife time Achievement Award to Kerala's favourite singer Shri P. Jayachandran, and the

P. Moideen Koya Memorial Awardto Dr. Mahroof Raj, noted physician and singer.

Let me at the outset, congratulate Shri P. Jayachandran and Dr. Mahroof Raj on receiving this award, instituted by a Foundation that honors the memory of the Late Mohamed Rafi, one of the greatest singers of India. 

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to know that in Kozhikode, there was such a large fan following for Rafi Saheb. After all, Rafi Saheb was born in Amritsar and reigned supreme in Mumbai as a legendary singer.

I understand that a recent decision to initiate the setting up of a museum in memory of Mohamed Rafi Sahebin Kozhikode was also a pleasant surprise to many people all over India. Such a museum would be the first of its kind to commemorate Rafi Saheb, who is known to have visited Kozhikode only twice in his life.

However, having heard of the musical tradition of Kozhikode, which had always resonated with the strains of Ghazalsand Maappilapaattu, and cherished great musicians like the late M.S. Baburaj, this abiding passion for the songs of a legendary singer like Rafi Saheb appeals to me as the people's natural appreciation for the finest art.

Today, Kozhikode, which has the largest number of Rafi fans in the country, also has a road in Rafi Saheb's name. This shows the power of music and art to unite people, irrespective of where they reside or what language they speak. This also shows the beauty of the unity in India's diversity.

It is laudable that the Mohammed Rafi Foundation, Kozhikode set up to popularize this legendary singer among the  new generation, has been getting an audience of over 20,000 Rafi fans in the  musical programmes organized by it. I am informed that the Foundation has been conducting musical programmes in Kozhikode beach on the birth anniversary of Rafi Saheb, that is 24th of December, every year since its inception in 2006. 

Rafi Saheb has not sung any song in Malayalam. But,
I have heard that some people had earnestly desired to make him sing one. And they had composed a song in the film Yatheem. That song, अल्लाविन कारुण्यम् इल्लेन्किल भूमियिल् एल्लारुम् एल्लारुम् यत्तीमुकल्[Allaavin Kaarunyam Illenkil Bhoomiyil Ellaarum Ellaarum Yatheemukal],was later sung by Shri Yesudas.

But, what if Rafi Saheb did not sing for Malayalam, he still resides in the hearts of thousands of Malayalis. Gyanpeeth winner and Malayalam poet Prof.ONV Kurup, who happened to spend a night in a house which once belonged to Rafi Saheb, gave Malayalam language a poem, Suhaani Raat. Such has been the magical impact of Rafi Saheb's inimitable voice.

And, Rafi Saheb also resides in the hearts of both the singers who have been honoured today, especially
Shri Jayachandran, who is known to worship Rafi Saheb along with Lord Krishna. Shri Jayachandran's mellifluous rendering of songs in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi has won him admirers in many States. I have heard that almost all the songs he has sung in Malayalam, have stood out as truly memorable to different generations.  A National award, five State awards and the कलैमामणि[Kalaimaamani] honour for his singing in Tamil cinema have only made this gifted artiste humbler and more committed to perfection. This is what one would call Saraswati sparshamor the blessed touch of Mother Saraswati.

I am informed that the award presented to Dr. Mahroof Raj, was instituted in memory of the former Treasurer of the Foundation, the Late Moideen Koya.  Dr. Mahroof Raj is a well known physician, who had spent the major share of his   official tenure in rural hospitals of Kerala Health Services. At the same time, he had also learned Hindustani classical music, sang for theatre and composed music for documentaries. His interest in music has also resulted in the conduct of research into the music of Mohamed Rafi, composers Roshan Lal, M S Baburajand singer Smt. P. Susheela. I am informed that he also practices music therapy.

Art and music can go beyond mere entertainment and help in uniting people for social causes. I am glad that Mohamed Rafi Foundation could contribute towards relief operations during the recent natural calamities. It is even more laudable that they are conducting Hindi classes for people to help them understand its words and diction, so that they also enjoy the immortal songs of Rafi Saheb much better. This certainly is a laudable step towards national integration. Learning a language other than one's mother tongue is like understanding another heritage. It also helps us understand how similar and united we are, in spite of speaking different languages.


Let me conclude by greeting all the Rafi fans who have assembled here today.

रफि साहिबिन्टे संगीतम् पॊले मधुरमाकट्टे ऎल्लावरुडेयुम् जीवितम्।

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु ।

[Lokah: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavantu]

Valare Nanni

Jai Hind